Arms workout 2


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Warm up 3 mins on treadmill 7.5 incline 1%

Combo 1 , repeat 2 sets

  • Chest press machine at 27.5 , 10 reps
  • 16kg kettlebell row 10 reps

Combo 2, repeat 2 sets

  • 9kg free weight chest press, 8 reps
  • 16kg kettlebell row 10 reps

Combo 3 , repeat 3 sets

  • Assisted pull up machine, bicep pull ups set at 20, 8 reps
  • Assisted tricep dips, set at 15, 8 reps

Combo 4, repeat 3 sets

  • 10kg single arm row, 10 reps do both arms
  • 4kg Tricep kick backs, 10 reps do both arms
  • 9kg overhead tricep extensions, 10 reps

Combo 5, repeat 3 sets

  • Tricep push ups, 10 reps
  • pushups , 10 reps

Cool down and stretching


Chocolate Orange ‘Fake NAKD’ Bars


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I’m always thinking about non-processed energy bars before I hit the gym or need an energy boost. You may be familiar with these…nkd barSo I tried making my own!

Chocolate Orange ‘Fake NAKD’ Bar


50g dates, handful of sultanas -maybe around 10, 50g nuts (majority almonds and cashews sometimes I add some walnuts), teaspoon cocoa powder, teaspoon orange flavouring/ or orange zest


1)Put all ingredients in a food

2) Blast it for a minute or so until all combined

3) Pat tightly with your hands into a baking tray lined with tin foil

4) Put in fridge

5) When hard cut into bars

6) Store in fridge

I find this this makes enough bars for 4 gym visits, so double it if you want more!

Irish Stew Slow Cooker


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SO tasty! 🙂


#lamb cutlets, potatoes, oregano, thyme, parsley, 2 onions, 2 carrots,1.5 cups beef stock , 1/4 cup plain flour, salt and pepper

Slow cooker


1) Roughly chop onions and carrots, I do quite big chunks

2) Peel and cut in half enough potatoes to fill 3/4 of the slow cooker

3) Fry onions to soften

3) Place lamb cutlets in a freezer bag, throw in the flour, shake to coat

4) Put a layer of potatoes in slow cooker, then a sprinkle in some of the onions and carrots, then 1/2 of the lamb then wee shake of salt, pepper, oregano, thyme and parsley

5)Repeat with rest of the ingredients

6) Pour beef stock over everything

7) Slow cook for 7.5 hours on low setting2013-03-15-irish-stew-586x322

Mixed arms/legs workout


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Warm up 3mins on crosstrainer level 11

# Squats on smith machine, put a bench below me so  could check my depth

1 set of 12.5 each side x 12 reps

1 set 15 kg each side x 12 reps

2 sets 17.5kg each side x 12 reps

#Leg press machine

seating position 1, 12 x 70kg x 2 sets

seating position 2, 12 x 110kg x 2 sets

# Supersets

Goblet squats with 16kg kettlebell, 12 x4 sets

Deadlifts 16kg kettlebells in each hand, 12 x 4 sets

# Supersets

Chest press on bench 9kg each side, 10 x 4 sets

Bicep curl 6kg each side 8 x 4 sets


One leg squat on trx, 8-10 per leg (do each side!) x 3 sets

16kg kettlebell  upright rows (can also do squat then upright row) x 10 x 3 sets


Bent over row 10kg x 10 reps – do each side x 3 sets

One leg deadlfts, trying not to touch down holding 5 kg dumbbell 8-10 x 3 sets

#Core 2 sets of the following

20 Mountain climbers on bosu ball

20 Outside climbers on bosu ball (do these together no stopping for rest!)

20 bicycle twists

10 side reaches


Remember to drink plenty of water 1 drank 1.5 litres during this workout!

Sunday… Really should get to the gym….


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Well… its 8:45am Sunday morning, i’m currently in bed contemplating my sunday morning gym sesh. I’ve eaten my porriage and had my cup of tea so should be ready to roll.This week has been hit and miss in ‘Gymland’ as I like to call it. I started out good with my Monday body attack then tuesday legs day but it all went a bit downhill after that!

Wednesday is my rest day so no gym, I was supposed to return on Thursday but I had a half day at work and my colleage persuaded me that burgers and hot buttered rums were a better idea 🙂 Friday I just wasn’t feeling it, then went out for a curry, then Saturday I went shopping for xmas presents had a McDonalds then again just wasn’t feeling it….So here we are today!

Im totally going today!

Plan: Mixed legs arms day, to make-up for what should have been separate sessions 🙂 Will also try and get eating healthier again this week.

Diet: I was looking at ‘mixed’ paleo diet of trying to eat just meat, green veg and nuts, then I remembered I’m going to make crock pot Irish stew today (had a craving yesterday and bought the ingredients in) and my friend talked about making me dinner today – it wont be healthy! So bar that mixed paleo diet this week yeah?

Will update later….wish me luck 🙂 🙂

Arms Workout

Warm up 3 mins on treadmill level 7 incline 1

Supersets: Four sets each supersets, 8 reps

Set 1

  • Smith machine chest press

Current stats: 10kg each side total lift 20kg

  • One arm lateral raise, one arm  side raise done simultaneous

Current stats: 5kgs each hand

Set 2

  • Lateral pull downs wide grip on machine

Current stats: 25kg

  • One arm rows, do each arm

Current stats: 10kg weight

Set 3

  • Assisted tricep dip machine

Current stats: weight at 10

  • Bicep curls

Current stats: 6kg each hand


Repeat twice

  • 10kg medicine ball russian twists  x 30
  • Plank twists, knee to opposite elbow x 30
  • Leg lifts x 15

Cool down

I will make updates on any improvements I’ve been doing this workout for 3 weeks now and have already upped weights on what I started with. I do this with a friend and we push and encourage each other!

My fitness weekly plan

My usual weekly plan incorporates 1 cardio day, 4 weights days and 2 rest days. I really judge each day as it comes and how im feeling.

Monday: Body attack class

Tues: Arms or Legs session with a friend

Wednesday: No gym, later hours at work today:(

Thursday: Arms or Legs session with a friend

Friday/Saturday/ Sunday -> It really depends on how I’m feeling/ weekend plans. Generally I’ll do of the days as gym session comprising different arms/legs session to earlier in week and one as a rest day